Andrew de Sa

Andrew de Sa is a classically trained artist working in the Washington D.C. area.  Andrew received training in the Boston School tradition under master painter Paul Ingbretson. This apprenticeship continues a historic legacy of master painters and their pupils that traces back to the 1700’s and the court painter to Napoleon, Jacques Louis David.
Andrew de Sa has won awards and scholarships on both the local and the national level and serves as the acting Creative Director of the Carl Schmitt Foundation, an arts non-profit dedicated to sharing the work, life, and legacy of Catholic American painter Carl Schmitt (1889-1989). Additionally, Andrew  is a recognized copyist at the National Galley of Art, has been appointed to the Benedict XVI Council for Liturgy and the Arts, serves as Co-chair of the  Partnership for Catholic Sacred Architecture (PCSA) and holds a position as Arts Ambassador and Visiting Board Member of the Benjamin T. Rome School of Art, Music, and Drama at the Catholic University of America.
Currently, Andrew’s focus is sacred works for institutions and private patrons.
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