“The CIC provides professionals in the nation’s capital with a vibrant Catholic intellectual life and spiritual formation. By way of events, speakers, and panels the CIC is where Catholics who are shaping our Church and our culture are formed.”


John Garvey

President, The Catholic University of America

“The Catholic Information Center means so much to me and to my whole family. Before coming to the CIC I really felt like I didn’t know enough about my faith and I wanted to learn more. The events here and the speakers that come are the best in the country. They’ve helped me understand the church and understand the church’s teachings in a way that makes me feel like I can go out and share my faith more confidently. And I never really had that before.”


Sarah Moss

Leonine Fellow

“The CIC does an extraordinary job of bringing the light of Christ to the city of Washington, D.C. They reach out with the love of Christ to draw Catholics and non-Catholics alike, across the city, in all walks of life through their doors. I myself especially appreciate the wonderful work that the CIC does with young professionals.


Robert P. George

McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

“My own thought is continually being clarified and elevated through the conversations and connections that the CIC make possible. It’s a refuge that promises the renewal we so badly need in this country.”


C.C. Pecknold

Associate Professor of Theology, The Catholic University of America

“The CIC offers a phenomenal sense of community that is different from other parishes or other churches in this area.”


Allegra Hewell Wilson

Founder and CEO, Hewell Events Group

“I’ve benefitted in many ways from the Catholic Information Center. It’s not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity, in our time right now, to have men and women, particularly younger men and women who are professionals, being able to represent Christ and his Church with courage and wisdom and insight in the formation they receive from the Catholic Information Center.”


Bishop William Byrne

Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts

“The programming provided by the CIC challenges me to a deeper level of conversion. I am not allowed to remain complacent but instead I am called to think more deeply, to open my heart more fully, and to love more intentionally. The CIC is a community to which I am privileged to belong. I draw continual support and nourishment from this community for my faith journey and I hope I may be a supporting member and give out of gratitude for what I’ve received.”


Caroline Bernard

Culture Innovation Manager, Airbus

“There’s no such thing as morally neutral law. Every piece of public policy embodies somebody’s values. If it’s going to embody true values, people need to know the truth. The CIC is teaching the next generation of Washington’s leaders the truth about man and God, and the role of the state in respecting both.”


Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D.

President, Ethics and Public Policy Center

“I would regularly attend Mass here during my lunch breaks. The life of grace took a deeper root in me because of that. I began to discover a desire to encounter the Lord in the sacraments, and to enjoy the Christian community, what the New Testament calls koinonia, that bond of fellowship that we enjoy in Christ as baptized brothers and sisters, as members of his body. And that seed of grace began to grow within me because of the good soil that I found here at the CIC.”


Fr. Christian Heubner

Archdiocese of Washington, DC

“The CIC is a Catholic oasis for me, right in the middle of hectic DC. It has it all: from educational talks to networking events—to connection with other engaged and faithful young Catholics—to ample opportunities to receive the Eucharist at Mass and God’s mercy in Confession. I am grateful for the CIC’s dedication to the faith, and I know so many others who are as well!”


Joy Ruiz

MSN Clinical Nurse Leader Candidate, Georgetown University
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