Evangelizing in an Anxious Age: A Catholic Moral Response to Bigotry

Watch this online public dialogue on how Catholics can combat bigotry with the help of the Gospel. Louis Brown, Executive Director of Christ Medicus Foundation, and Montse Alvarado, Executive Director and Vice President of Becket Law, share their reflections on the killing of George Floyd and subsequent protests and riots, in addition to their personal experiences regarding race and how it has influenced their lives as Catholics. They also discuss discriminatory responses by some government leaders against people of faith during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and how we as Catholics can best evangelize to our communities during this anxious time.

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About the Speakers

Montse Alvarado joined the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in 2009 and was named VP & Executive Director in February 2017.

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Louis Brown serves as Executive Director of Christ Medicus Foundation. He believes the ultimate mission of the Foundation is to share the healing love of God in healthcare and to help build what St. John Paul II called “a civilization of love and justice.”

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Posted on June 9, 2020

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