Sarah Zagorski

Sarah Zagorski is a life, foster care and adoption advocate with years of experience in the pro-life movement. She was rescued from abortion after her Hispanic birth mother was referred to a New Orleans abortionist because his costs were low. He intended to leave Sarah for dead following a breech delivery at 26-weeks, but in a miraculous pro-life decision, her birth mother, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, fought for her life. Sarah was sent to a Children’s Hospital and survived. At 16-months, Sarah was placed in the Foster Care system for the first time after the state of Louisiana discovered parental neglect. However, Sarah was in and out of care for almost eight years until her birth mother’s parental rights were terminated. She describes the events that took place in her childhood home as a “cocktail of depravity,” where abusive members maintained control, sickly parents were unable to protect the innocence of young children and a place where inadequate food led to malnourishment. In Sarah’s biological family, she is one of the youngest four of her mother’s eleven children. As a young child, she was exposed to active Tuberculosis, a life-threatening lung disease, by her stepfather but received treatment in foster care and recovered. Foster care became Sarah’s safe haven in childhood where she discovered firsthand the scope of pro-life conviction through the loving sacrifice of a family committed to her continued care. At nine years old, the same couple that took Sarah at 16 months adopted her into their family. Today, Sarah’s adoptive parents are actively in her life. In 2012, Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. She now resides in New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband, David, and young son, Jesse. Sarah is currently a staff member at Louisiana Right to Life and previously contributed to pro-life work in Colorado with, Colorado Citizens for Life, the affiliate of National Right to Life, and Colorado Family Action, a policy partner of Focus on the Family.

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