Kevin Wells

Kevin Wells is a former award-winning sports reporter with the Tampa Tribune, where he covered Major League Baseball and other sports. He is the best-selling author of The Priests We Need to Save the Church, a written plea for holy priests to live like the paragons, martyrs, and great saints before them. His book was quickly disseminated in bulk to seminarians across America. Many hundreds of clergy throughout the world have read Kevin’s book.

Kevin is a writer whose articles have appeared at Crisis MagazineCatholic ExchangeLifeSiteNews, The National Catholic Register, One Peter Five, and Homiletic and Pastoral ReviewHe is an active evangelist who has spoken on a national Catholic stage including the Legatus SummitNapa InstituteThat Man is You, on EWTN, the TASTE program, as well as hundreds of other men’s and women’s conferences, retreats and events, radio programs and podcasts. Kevinspeaks on the urgent need for heroic lives of virtue and untamed Catholicism in the public square, in addition to many other Catholic topics.

Wells, inspired by the startling life of American Venerable Aloysius Schwartz, traveled to Mexico and spent a month at World Villages For Children, an organization in Chalco, Mexico run by The Sisters of Mary, a religious community – founded by Venerable Schwartz. Wells was so moved by the stories of “Fr. Al” and witnessing firsthand the sisters’ round-the-clock work to nourish, house, catechize and care for 20,000-plus teens in seven different countries, he penned the acclaimed biography: Priest and Beggar: The Heroic Life of Venerable Aloysius Schwartz, published in 2021 by Ignatius Press.

Wells served as a “content expert” for the EWTN series “They Might Be Saints,” featuring Fr. Al Schwartz, in collaboration with Michael O’Neill, The Miracle Hunter.

In 2009, he survived a brush with death after a malformed line of vessels in his brain hemorrhaged. The day after invasive brain surgery failed to control the flow of blood, Kevin was anointed by Fr. James Stack – the longtime best friend of his murdered uncle, Msgr. Thomas Wells. To this day, witnesses in the neuro-ICU room tell of the miracle that unfolded at his bedside. He wrote Burst, A Story of God’s Grace When Life Falls Apart during his recovery.

Kevin is President of the Monsignor Thomas Wells Society for Vocations, which commits itself to the promotion of strong priests, seminarians, and practicing the fullness of the Catholic Faith. His work with youth earned him the James Cardinal Hickey National Figure Award from the Archdiocese of Washington.

When Kevin is not writing and speaking, he enjoys blogging and hosting the One2One Podcast with missionary priest Fr. Dan Leary, who is chaplain to 20,000 children under the care of the Sisters of Mary. Kevin loves baseball, reading writing and lives in Maryland with his wife and three children. Learn more at

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