Fernando Cidoncha

Fernando Cidoncha graduated in Human Sciences from the University of Navarre, where he also graduated in Philosophical and Artistic Studies. In 2012, he began his master’s degree in Artistic Research at the University of Granada and, in the same year, he moved to Florence to study at the Sacred Art School, gaining a specialization diploma in Sculpture. He is the instructor of the Drawing class and a member of the Sacred Art School’s board of directors.

As an artist, Fernando is interested in the exploration of the human form, using a figurative and representational language, with the belief that art can unlock the yearning of the human heart, and awake the desire to know, to love, and to reach for the Beyond.

The city of Florence is the place where he finds inspiration and belonging, the place in which he lives his vocation as an artist and teacher, creatively engaged with the world.

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