Elise Daniel

Elise Daniel is an author, entrepreneur, and the head of publishing at Bellwether Communications where she helps thought leaders publish op-eds and books. Her and her clients’ articles have been published in Newsweek, Forbes, Fox News, and National Review, among others. She is the collaborative writer for Dr. John Bruchalski’s memoir Two Patients: My Conversion from Abortion to Life-Affirming Medicines (Ignatius Press, 2022).

Elise is passionate about reclaiming the true meaning of her favorite holidays. It was during Saint Patrick’s Day of 2023 that she realized that most of the children’s books for Saint Patrick’s Day either had nothing to do with the saint or simply summarized his life story. She wondered if she could write a new kind of Saint Patrick’s Day story that pulled the fun and whimsical elements from the fairy tales her children loved while teaching them about the real Saint Patrick.

A year later, she is publishing and releasing The Richest Leprechaun in Ireland in March 2023. Elise’s story brings secular folklore and the sacred traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day together in one playful story grounded in truth. It’s a heartwarming tale about a greedy leprechaun who unexpectedly encounters one of Ireland’s greatest missionaries.

Pre-order a copy of the book for a special child in your life and/or support the mission of the book through Elise’s Kickstarter page.

She lives with her husband and children in Purcellville, Virginia.

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