Dr. Joshua P. Hochschild

Dr. Joshua P. Hochschild is associate professor of philosophy and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Mount St. Mary’s University. Dr. Hochschild came to the Mount St. Mary’s University in 2005 after teaching for four years at Wheaton College (Illinois). He taught full-time in the Department of Philosophy until 2009, when he received tenure and was named the inaugural Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, a position he held until fall 2015. In 2016 he was promoted to full professor.

Courses taught include Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Plato’s Later Dialogues, Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Virtue Ethics, Political Philosophy, Thomas Aquinas, and Love and Friendship.

Professor Hochschild’s primary interest is medieval logic and metaphysics, but he has published and lectured on a variety of subjects including the history of ethics, Catholic social thought, urban planning, natural law, globalization, and John Henry Newman.

In 2003 he received the Young Scholar’s Award from the American Catholic Philosophical Association, and in 2004 he gave the Annual Aquinas Lecture at Emory University. In 2008, he was a lecturer for the Blackfriars Aquinas Seminar in Oxford.

Professor Hochschild is a founding member of the Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics and serves on the Executive Council of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. He serves on the editorial board of Anamnesis: A Journal for the Study of Tradition, Place, and ‘Things Divine’.

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