The 2020 John Paul II New Evangelization Award premiered on Wednesday, October 21st at 8:00 PM ET.

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New Evangelization Circle-$25,000

Knights of Columbus Supreme Council
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard and Sally Leo
Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Lisa Yannucci and Family
Kirkland & Ellis LLP Foundation


Anonymous (3)
Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Sally Hanna

Greg and Charmaine Mueller
ForthRight Strategy


Alexandra and Paul Clement
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Meagan Costello
University of Dallas
Hon. & Mrs. Mike and Maureen Ferguson
Hon. Timothy Jeffries, KM & Dr. Mary Frances Jeffries, DM

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard and Germana Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. William and Kathleen Mumma
The Basilica of Saint Mary
EWTN Global Catholic Network
Mr. & Mrs. John and Maureen Reim
Tom and Glory Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon and Kate Todd


Anonymous (4)
Fernandes DeGennaro & Associates
Larry and Lynn Blanford
Hon. and Mrs. Scott J. Bloch
Martin and Julia Boles
Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Anne Burleigh
Justin Dillon
Bill and Carol Duncan
Dr. & Mrs. Nick and Mary Eberstadt
The Institute for Human Ecology at
the Catholic University of America
Mr. Jeffrey Reminga & Dr. Maria Marta Ferreyra
Kim and Lou Fiorentino
Jeffrey and Sarah Harris
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Luke Holian
Joe and Isabel Lane

John Melnicki
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Merton
Mrs. Helena B. Metzger
Charles and Marian Miller
Matt and Megan Owen
Jeff and Kathleen Paravano
Thomas and Natalie Peters
Mrs. Trish Scalia
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Tamara Schmidt
Ted and Sally Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Spence
Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Sheila Svoboda
Eve Marie Szczepanski
Mr. & Mrs. Carlos and Carmen Trullols
Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Mary Towey
Mr. & Mrs. Victor and Lisa Wolski

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