October 29, 2020

Our chapel hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM ET to 2:00 PM ET during phase two. Reservations are not required to attend in-person our noon Mass or Confessions, which are offered after Mass.

We will continue to livestream Mass daily at 12:00PM ET on our YouTube Channel.

Please review the below guidelines, which prioritize the health and safety of our guests and staff while ensuring we are able to offer in-person sacraments again. Our plan incorporates regulations required by the Archdiocese of Washington and the DC Mayor’s Office.

Any updates to our guidelines will be posted on our website and social media pages. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at director@cicdc.org or (202)783-2062.



  • Please maintain a social distance of 6 feet the best you can while in the CIC.


  • Masks must be worn at all times except when receiving Communion. 


  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer.
  • Mass chairs are disinfected everyday after Mass attendees leave.


  • Restrooms are not available to the public at this time.


  • Your mask must be worn at all times except when you are receiving Communion.
  • Chairs are positioned 6 feet away from one another, covered in vinyl, and disinfected after a person has used it. 

Seating System

  1. Sit in any chair marked with a yellow number on the back-support.
  2. The covered chair in front of you is your kneeler. 
  3. Do not sit in any chairs marked or covered with orange ribbon.
  4. Chairs are disinfected after Mass attendees leave.

Livestreaming and Privacy

  1. You will not be filmed during Mass.
  2. Our camera equipment and wires are throughout the chapel, so please watch your step.

Communion System

Please consider receiving in the hand during this time. (The Archdiocese requires that the priest sanitize his hands each time a communicant receives on the tongue or if he accidentally touches someone’s hand.)

  1. Look to the CIC staff person assigned as an usher.
  2. The right side of the chapel (chairs 1-9) will go first followed by the left side of the chapel (chairs 10-16).
  3. Once our priest is in place and wearing his mask for the Communion line, the usher will point you to the yellow-taped line (A) that is 6 feet away from him.
  4. Once you are behind this yellow line (A), the priest will lift the Eucharist and say, “The Body of Christ.” Respond “Amen” here.
  5. Then you may move forward to the yellow line (B) to receive the Eucharist in your hand (while keeping your mask on).
  6. Move to yellow line (C). If you are seated on the right, move right. If you are seated on the left, move to your left.
  7. At (C), remove your mask to consume the Eucharist.
  8. Return to your seat.
  9. The Arlington Diocese made a how-to video on receiving the Eucharist and mask removal. Watch this video here (it will start at 1:20).


  • Confessions are offered weekdays after daily Mass until the end of the line. To make an appointment for Confession at an alternative time, please contact director@cicdc.org or (202)783-2062.
  • You must wear your mask at all times during Confession.
  • Please use the provided disinfectant in the confessional before and after you begin Confession.


  • Collection baskets are not permitted to be passed around. If you have a gift, the offertory baskets are stationed by the chapel’s entrances.
  • Online contributions can also be made at the CIC’s donation page.