Religiously Themed Board Books

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The Bible for Little Ones Roche Cover

Let’s not leave out the infants and toddlers, even though they can’t yet read! There are some wonderful religiously themed board books out there, perfect for an Easter basket (and well worth having for reading during Church throughout the whole year).
Noah’s Ark by Lucy Cousins: With cartoonish illustrations and vibrant colors, this delightful book focuses on the procession of animals, adding a “know-your-animal element” to one of the most accessible and intriguing stories in the Old Testament.My First Easter and My First Bible Stories by Tomie dePaola: dePaola has done a wonderful series of “My First” books, including first fairy tales, Thanksgiving and Halloween, folk songs, etc. These are his two based on Christianity, and they are, as all his work is, charming and good.

Ignatius Press and Magnificat have been publishing the work of the French author and illustrator, Matie Roche, and I simply love them. Roche tows that fine line between simplicity of narrative and a richness that points towards the fuller story. For example, in The Bible for Little Onesthere is a picture of Eve offering the apple to Adam (above). Look at how all the animals are witness to the scene, watching in anxious expectation. This isn’t strictly Biblical, however, it illustrates the deeper point: all of creation waits with baited breath to see what Adam will do because all of creation is affected by the fall. The other books available by Roche are: The Gospel for Little Ones, My First Pictures of Jesus, My First Pictures of Mary, My First Bedtime Prayers, My First Pictures of Easter, My First Prayers with Mary, My First Prayers for My Family, and illustrated by Roche, but written by Christine Pedotti, My First Catechism: The Catholic Faith for Little Ones.  

Finally: though I am not a huge fan of the illustration style here, I can’t help but mention the illustrated board books of the Our Father and Hail Mary, written by Sabrina Bus, illustrated by Xavier Deneux, and published by Eardmans. They, are, as far as I know, the only illustrated versions of these prayers. Bus gives the text of the prayer, as well as an brief meditation / explanation of individual lines, to aid understanding. Her meditations are uneven in quality, but never bad or wrong.

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