Saint Nicholas Books

TITLE: Saint Nicholas: The Story of the Real Santa Claus AUTHOR: Mary Joslin ILLUSTRATOR: Helen Cann PUBLISHED BY: Pauline Books Just in time for St. Nick’s Day, here’s a lovely retelling of the legend of Saint Nicholas, who becomes, of course, Santa Claus. This one, I love, because of the vibrant immediacy of the story, and the lovely illustrations….


The Story of Christmas by Barbara Cooney and Loretta Krupinski

 TITLE: The Story of Christmas AUTHOR: Barbara Cooney ILLUSTRATOR: Loretta Krupinski PUBLISHED BY: Harper Collins, 1995 Well, as long as we are talking about Barbara Cooney (who, I am discovering, had quite the Christmas Book repertoire), I thought I’d like to bring to your attention her The Story of Christmas.  Originally, she wrote and illustrated this book (though, I understand, it…


How the Hibernators Came to Bethlehem by Noma Faber and Barbara Cooney

TITLE: How the Hibernators Came to Bethlehem AUTHOR: Norma Faber ILLUSTRATOR: Barbara Cooney One of the most beloved Nativity picture books of all time is Norma Faber’s classic How the Hibernators Came to Bethlehem, illustrated by Barbara Cooney. In it the Star of Bethlehem creeps into the dens and caves of all the hibernating animals,…